White Roofs: Bifacial, Maximum Use of Reflective Light.

Prism’s bifacial modules are perfectly suited for commercial roofs with white or reflective “cool roof” technologies. A cool roof has a white or special coating that reflects more sunlight, allowing the roof to stay cooler and transmitting less heat to the building. Please see our white roof brochure for more information

The light reflected by the cool roof can be used by Prism Solar bifacial modules in a way that can’t be utilized by traditional photovoltaic systems.

The Prism Solar B200 module was especially designed to let a portion of the light through the module in order to provide more light to reflect from the cool roof surface, increasing the energy generated per installed Watt.

With the use of a reflective background like a cool roof, the Prism modules can increase the energy produced in kilowatt hours by up to 35% over a conventional solar module with an equivalent nameplate/Wattage rating. For details on maximizing the energy output of Prism Solar modules, please see the Prism Solar Design Guide.

More energy/Watt by fully utilizing your white roof potential makes Prism Solar the clear choice for your white roof applications.

Financing for commercial white roof systems may be aided by the 30% U.S. Investment Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation rules which may be applied to the solar system and to the roof (consult your tax advisor), as well as cool roof rebates that are offered in many locations.

All Prism Solar modules are manufactured in the USA and are ARRA compliant.