The new Prism Solar modules use highly efficient bifacial solar cells and are now available in two designs: 1) Bifacial Modules; and 2) Holographic Bifacial Modules. These are frameless modules with a glass-on-glass design, and can achieve up to 20.5% module efficiency through the use of advanced bifacial technology. In addition to providing increased energy production, Prism's modules are among the most attractive in the industry and because of their frameless design do not require module grounding

Bifacial Modules

Prism’s Bifacial Modules are frameless glass-on-glass modules with highly efficient bifacial cells. The Bifacial Modules produce up to 35% or more kilowatt hours than a standard module with the same STC rating. The Bifacial Modules show no drop in performance in the field from their STC rating.

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Manufactured in the USA ARRA Compliant