Carports and Canopies: Frameless, Laminated Glass, Bifacial, Architecturally Stunning.

Prism’s modules are ideally suited for building integrated (BIPV) applications and can replace conventional construction materials from different parts of the building’s exterior such as roof panels, skylights, awnings, facades and windows. Prism’s modules are frameless, tempered glass-on-glass and bifacial, making them both easy to integrate into watertight structural elements and architecturally stunning from every angle. Prism’s use of two layers of tempered laminated glass provides strength and safety for BIPV applications making them perfect for residential, office and commercial buildings.

The combination of Prism’s bifacial modules in an over head installation allows the system to better utilize light that is naturally available. Prism’s modules are capable of harvesting both diffuse and ground reflected light. This light is generally not able to be collected by traditional modules, which makes Prism Solar the clear choice for all overhead applications. For more information, please see our architectural brochure.

Prism modules are ideal for all overhead applications, parking canopies, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, solariums and skylights.

For details on overhead applications and the benefits of additional energy harvesting, please see the Prism Solar Learn more .

All Prism Solar modules are manufactured in the USA and are ARRA compliant.