Vertical Mounting: More Power, Less Soiling, Balconies, Railings, Fencing & Facades.

Prism Solar B200 modules used as a part of a balcony railing.

Prism's unique modules have unlocked vertical applications that have been historically unachievable using traditional modules. Prism's frameless modules integrate seamlessly into balconies, hand railing, fencing, and building facades. The ability to harvest light from both sides of the module allows Prism to outperform any traditional module in a vertical application.

Prism’s bifacial modules mounted in a vertical application can easily exceed the energy/watt produced by a traditional module mounted even at latitude. Low light conditions that can be associated with vertical mounting are not an issue, Prism’s bifacial technology makes complete use of all direct, diffuse and reflected light under such conditions.

Because Prism Solar’s modules are frameless, there is no need to ground the modules. This saves on materials and labor, producing a clean, aesthetic seamless installation. The soiling rate normally associated with modules is drastically reduced when modules are mounted vertically. Vertical mounting is especially useful in regions where excessive snow or sand exists. A Prism module mounted vertically in these conditions will benefit from reduced soiling. Prism modules will also have increased energy harvesting capabilities due to the reflective nature of sand or snow covered ground.

More power, seamless installation and less cleaning make Prism Solar the clear choice for vertical applications.

All Prism Solar modules are manufactured in the USA and are ARRA compliant