Prism Solar has been a technology innovator in the solar and holographic fields since 2005. Prism produces innovative and unique bifacial solar modules and holograms that make efficient use of all available light and provide an aesthetically pleasing solution for solar applications.

Prism’s mission is to help grow the solar energy industry through partnerships and cooperation, as a manufacturer of American made, high quality bifacial solar modules.

Our Products

Prism Solar's bifacial modules use highly efficient bifacial solar cells and can produce up to 35% more kilowatt hours than a standard module.

With a solar module manufacturing facility in Highland, New York (just 90 minutes from NYC) and a holographic film manufacturing and R&D facility in Tucson, Arizona, Prism is uniquely positioned to work in close partnership with manufacturers across North America and around the world. Learn More

Prism Solar modules are manufactured in the USA and are American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) compliant.